“HYPOS – Hydropower Management from Space”

Webinar on Decision Support – powered by Satellite technology
December 15th, 14:00  – 15:00 CET

Accurate, but quickly actionable information on reservoir and river environments – this is what you need in hydropower business. So far, stakeholders have had to rely on limited information from small, selected sources when designing dams or deciding on flushing or dredging operations.

Let’s lift hydropower planning to the next level and advance to active sediment management!

Join us for a free webinar on 15th December, 2021 | 14:00 (CET) on the new HYdroPOwer Suite (HYPOS).
See how to optimize economic and environmental evaluations for current and future hydropower plans – faster, at lower costs and with less risks than before.

Thank you to attendees
Your key take-aways:
  • See “live” how to access satellite, modelling and in situ data within a few mouse clicks. – HYPOS can empower you to a quick, but comprehensive view on your reservoir or river catchment.
  • Learn from data scientists how to easily combine key hydrological parameters to innovative assessment tools. – A strong decision support tool for hydropower managers and planners.
  • Dam engineering experts will show you how the portal performed in reservoirs in Europe. It has been tested on hydropower sites in Switzerland, Albania and Georgia.
  • Get in touch with the project team within the Q & A session and tell us about your specific requirements. – We appreciate your input until the launch of the portal at HYDRO ’22.
The Speakers
Karin Schenk - EOMAP Manager Water Quality Team

As the lead project manger, Karin will give a short introduction to the webinar topic, the agenda and the 6 speakers of the HYPOS consortium.

Karin Schenk
EOMAP - Manager Water Quality
Dr. Marcelo Leite Ribeiro

Hydropower expert Marcelo from Stucky, Switzerland will set the scene. He will illustrate why reliable and accurate data on sediment flow are the key drivers of sustainability in hydropower business.

Dr. Marcelo Leite Ribeiro
Stucky - Head of Hydropower Schemes Dept.
Dr. Thomas Heege, CEO of EOMAP - a leading company in mapping and monitoring of aquatic environments

The physicist and founder of EOMAP will introduce you to the key features of the HYPOS portal. He is claiming “Better data” for the hydropower business. HYPOS’ idea is to offer a quick, accurate and panoptic view on a whole river catchment or a whole reservoir. Earth observation data play a key role.

Dr. Thomas Heege
EOMAP - Chief Executive Officer
Prof. Nils Rüther of the Norwegian University of Science & Technology

Nils is responsible for sediment research at the hydropower site of Banja, at the Devoll river in Albania, in partnership with Statkraft. He will show how both are contributing to data accuracy of the HYPOS portal by providing in situ data for calibration and validation.

Prof. Nils Rüther
NTNU - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Fabian von Trentini - Hydrologist with EOMAP

Fabian will give you a live demo of the HYPOS portal. In a short video, he will show how to access key hydrological data within few mouseclicks.

Fabian von Trentini
EOMAP - Hydrologist in the Water Quality Team
Dr. Marina Launay - stucky

Marina will wrap up the most important learnings of the webinar. She will focus on the benefits of the HYPOS portal’s approach for both the development and the operation phase of hydropower sites.

Dr. Marina Launay
Stucky - Hydraulic and Sediment Expert
Dr. Alena Bartosova - SMHI

Alena is enriching the HYPOS consortium with her and SMHI’s expertise in hydrological and sediment modeling, providing real-time information on flows and sediments in rivers as well as historical averages. She will lead the Q & A session.

Dr. Alena Bartosova
SMHI - Senior Researcher in water quality modeling, Hydrology R&D

Couldn’t attend on December 15th?
Send us an E-mail, and we’ll send you a recording shortly after the webinar.

HYPOS was listed by the International Hydropower Association on the Innovation hub of the World Hydropower Congress in 2020.